O p a l M o o n H e n n a - About Opal Moon Henna
   O p a l   M o o n   H e n n a - Using the tradition of Body Art to Beautify, Empower and Heal
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Beautiful Henna & Glitter Body Art
to Beautify, Empower  & Heal!

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In Burbank,CA, 
find our Hennaed Artifacts at Mindfulnest
Mon - Sat: 10:30am - 6:30pm
Sun: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Let Opal Moon Henna provide the ultimate party favor for your celebration!
Gather friends and family to share the experience or keep it to yourself with a private appointment. Use symbolism to add meaning and your henna design will be empowering as well as beautiful! Whether you want to test drive a tattoo or just have a bit of fun, it's always a great time!

All designs are drawn freehand by Professional Henna Artist Tamara Brown, who has been honing her henna skills since 1998. We do public events, and are available to provide beautiful body art for your special day. 

Opal Moon Henna is based in the NOHO Arts District of North Hollywood, near Los Angeles, CA and is available by appointment and for parties & events.

Opal Moon Henna uses only 100% all natural henna (NO 'black henna') with safe ingredients like tamarind, lemon juice and essential oils.

Please note that your henna needs 48 hours after paste removal to reach its optimum (darkest) stain. If you're planning on showing it off for a special occasion, please schedule your appointment for 2-3 days prior your big day.

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